Bella Italia – simple, wonderful food

Why is Italian food so popular all over the world? The answer is quite easy: Only use the best ingredients and treat them respect!

Italian recipes are mainly based on home cooked food under the “eagle eye” of Mama. Only the best ingredients are used and prepared in a simple but caring way!

Pasta is cooked  “al dente” – means the pasta is firm and not soft and soggy. Past come in all shapes and combined with a simple sauce creates a sensational dish:

Prepare Spaghetti and toss in good oil with garlic and chilli. The result is a Spaghetti Aglio E Olio. Just reading it out loud is fun!

Salads are dressed simply with a good olive oil and a tasty balsamic vinegar.

Bread is roasted, brushed with some olive oil and garlic, topped with tomatoes and fresh basil – food heaven!

Hams and Salamis are cured with care and time and of course the wonderful climate in Italy helps the air drying in a wonderful way, creating delicacies varying by regions depending on the different climates.

Cheeses are available in many varieties and if you have ever tried an aged Parmigiano cheese with aged balsamic glaze will love it forever.

And to finish off an Italian food feast a real Tiramisu is hard to

Pietro Carauna, our Italian Chef, makes sure to capture all real Italian flavours on your plate!




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